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“ People called rock & roll ‘African music.’ They called it ‘voodoo music.’ They said that it would drive the kids insane. They said that it was just a flash in the pan - the same thing that they always used to say about hip-hop. ”


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(via christel-thoughts)


A member of the African Choir, London Stereoscopic Company, 1891. From The Guardian:

The African Choir were a group of young South African singers that toured Britain between 1891 and 1893. They were formed to raise funds for a Christian school in their home country and performed for Queen Victoria at Osborne House, a royal residence on the Isle of Wight. At some point during their stay, they visited the studio of the London Stereoscopic Company to have group and individual portraits made on plate-glass negatives. That long-lost series of photographs, unseen for 120 years, is the dramatic centrepiece of an illuminating new exhibition called Black Chronicles II.

Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Ended up watching Unsung featuring High-Five. I swear the whole soundtrack took me back, I didn’t realize how big of a fan I was, until I heard the songs and knew every lyric. I miss good R&B.




yet we still can’t print them? i’m upset.

THISSSSSSSSS! LOLOL I heart whoever took the time to do this. This is my life when I am asked that and the end was classic. The Emperors New Groove is so underrated.